Get your audience to ACT on your information

The Extreme Presentation method is designed for market researchers, consultants, salespeople, managers, company founders — anyone trying to get others to act on complex but important information.

You spend countless hours gathering and analyzing data, formulating plans, costing out options. You squeeze it all into what you think is a reasonably good-looking PowerPoint deck with 30 (40? 50?) slides, and you present it well. But still your audience doesn't act on your information. 

So you and your company lose opportunities, and your work has less impact than it deserves. 

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Take the first six lessons of the Extreme Presentation method. These will cover the seven deadly presentation design mistakes and an introduction to the ten-step Extreme Presentation method.

Introducing the Extreme Presentation online course

Based on our acclaimed Extreme Presentation workshop, the Extreme Presentation Online course will give you a fail-safe process for designing presentations that get people to take action.
  • A totally different mind-set and method for creating powerful, elegant, and brief presentations.

  • It's more than a course, it's a "just-in-time" presentation design tool, walking you through the 10 steps of the Extreme Presentation method as you create your own presentation

  • Particularly suited to the extreme challenge of engaging audiences remotely (e.g. over Zoom)

  • Fail-safe, 10 step process that integrates audience analysis, objectives setting, problem-solution, data, storytelling, charts, and slide layouts.

  • Based on over 200 empirical research studies in communications, psychology, advertising, consumer behavior, and semiotics, so that when we say “do this, don’t do that”, it’s not because we’re somehow smarter than everyone else, but because the research shows that "this" is effective, and "that" is not

  • Focused 100% on presentation design, not on delivery

  • An education in how to use storytelling on multiple levels: using individual stories to drive home your point, and turning your entire presentation into one compelling story that grabs your audience at the start and keeps them through to the end

  • Extreme Presentation training clients include leading corporations such as Exxon-Mobil, Google, JPMorgan Chase, Wal-Mart, 3M, AT&T, Abbott, Bank of America, BP, Burger King, Deloitte, Environmental Defense Fund, Kimberly-Clark, NBA, PayPal, Pfizer, Royal Bank of Canada, Starbucks, State Farm, TD Bank, United States Census Bureau, Unilever, Visa, and also Microsoft — the makers of PowerPoint

  • The online course is developed by Dr. Andrew Abela, creator of the Extreme Presentation method, who has been delivering presentations and teaching others to do so for over 30 years, based on his ground-breaking books Advanced Presentations by Design, The Presentation, and, with Paul Radich, the Encyclopedia of Slide Layouts

What's included

  • 80+ lessons, 1-2 min. each

    The online course is intentionally designed around very short lessons, so that you can progress at your own pace while designing your own presentation every step of the way.

  • Practical tools you'll use again and again

    The course includes the Extreme Presentation Workbook, which contains the acclaimed Chart Chooser, the From-To/Think-Do Matrix, and the S.Co.R.E. method, and interactive tools like the Slide Chooser, which will aid you in developing your most impactful presentations ever.

  • Private Extreme Presentation community

    You'll get lifetime access to the Extreme Presentation online community, where you raise questions, share ideas, and upload (sanitized) copies of your slides or drafts for feedback.

Praise for the Extreme Presentation method


Jeffrey Pfeffer, Professor, Stanford Business School, author of Power: Why Some People Have It and Others Don't, and 14 other books

"Like much of what goes on inside organizations, those ubiquitous presentations have a look and feel based more on custom and what others do than on the evidence of what works best. In this practical and evidence-based book, Dr. Abela has outlined a set of principles that will make your presentations more memorable and persuasive."

"A huge step forward"

Craig Albright, CFO, Commercial Excellence, Xerox Corporation

“If even half the strategy and market intelligence functions among the Fortune 500 took Dr. Abela’s advice, corporate productivity would take a huge step forward. He brings together tried and true disciplines in such a unique way, that anyone who wants to stay on top of their game will welcome this playbook.”

"How best to plan and design presentations"

Gene Zelazny, author, Say It With Charts and Say It With Presentation

"Advanced Presentations by Design is the best researched book on presentation design that I've ever had the privilege of reading. I recommend it for those of you who want the confidence of knowing how best to plan and design successful presentations."

"More easily prepare impressive presentations"

Denis McFarlane, CEO and Founder, Infinitive Corporation

“The Extreme Presentation method will give you a structured approach—which our whole company now uses—to more easily prepare impressive presentations whether for important client meetings or small internal meetings. Having the Extreme Presentation method in our arsenal enables us to provide higher value to our clients.”

"It will change the way you practice!"

Nancy L. Losben, R.Ph., CCP, FASCP, Senior Director, Quality, Omnicare, A CVS Health company

“Dr. Abela’s 10-step process leads you through a logical approach to presentation development so that your audiences hear your message with absolute clarity. It will change the way you practice!”

"We are only as effective as the buy-in we get"

Tim Ambler, author of Marketing and the Bottom Line

“Whether as a manager or university lecturer, we are only as effective as the buy-in we get. This marvelousW book should be required reading for all managers and educators. I was embarrassed to see my own failings written up in cold print.”

"Backed up with reams of research"

Karen Fuller, former Director, Global Brand Research, Dell Inc.

“Dr. Abela expertly weaves all elements together-the audience, the story, the presentation of the story-and backs it up with reams of research from all disciplines.”

Clients of the Extreme Presentation method

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Extreme Presentation online course

Includes 90 days access to the full course and lifetime access to the private Extreme Presentation online forum

Extreme Presentation course curriculum

80+ brief lessons covering the entire 10-step Extreme Presentation method